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6 Responses to “Lyrics are located at”
  1. sean says:

    I think that this site contains all of our needs as far as what’s wht in the gopel industry, and to find lyrics of our favorite artist songs. This has been a long time coming for the christian community.

  2. Keke says:

    Thank you for your comment Sean, it is truly appreciated. I do have to say though that the site would not be possible were it not for the help and support of the visitors and members. Be Blessed! -Keke

  3. Gloria Paris says:

    I have found this pacituclar web site to e a tremendus blessing to me, but unfortunatly I have not been able to access this site scince changes have been made.Please help I can only retrive the home page I cannot view it gives me an error every time.Thanks for your prompt attention in this matter.

  4. Renee says:

    Something’s wrong with the AllGospelLyrics link. If you click on it get a white screen stating that cannot find the file.

  5. Keke says:

    I\’m sorry for the problem with the site, it will be fixed soon. I was hoping it would be resolved by today but it looks like it may take another day.

  6. catherine mapp says:

    I love this site I can go there and find different lyrics to songs .

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