Healed From HIV!

Did you know about DeWayne Wood’s amazing testimony? If not, check it out:

Just as powerful as this young man’s incredible vocal ability is his amazing testimony. Described on his latest CD, Introducing DeWayne Woods and When Singers Meet , It’s a recollection of God’s incredible healing power. Woods speaks about his dramatic healing from HIV, articulating the aweinspiring account that started in the early 90s. “I was diagnosed in 1993 with HIV. After the diagnosis, I went through a series of treatments, but back then, they really weren’t sure what to do and what medicines worked. Each time I would go to the doctor’s office, the diagnosis seemed to get worse,” states DeWayne. After a serious health scare, he ended up in the hospital for two weeks. It was what happened in his hospital bed that set him on the path to a miracle. “During those days, I was in so much pain, that I would just sing,” explains Woods. “I couldn’t do anything else. Then, I said one day, ‘God, if I’m going to sing about You and sing about You being a healer, then I need You to heal my body – not just for me, but so the world will see that you’re still a healer.” It was at that point that he had literally “Let Go” and left the matter in the hands of God. A few years later he decided to get rechecked. When he went to the hospital, they tested his blood and DeWayne says, “They told me that I tested negative for HIV.” The staff was baffled; they were the same people who had originally treated him. He even had to stand before a national medical review board and complete a battery of tests; all to make sure the disease was totally absent from his body. They couldn’t find a trace of it.

“God Still Heals”!!

For more info on DeWayne Woods, visit his official website at: http://www.dewaynewoods.com/



56 Responses to “Healed From HIV!”
  1. trust.in.God. ask and ye shall receive!! says:

    Glory to god in the highest! Thankyou so much Jesus, for strengthening these
    peoples faith in you! Thankyou for showing me your truthful word, God, and strengthening MY faith in
    you so that I was able to accept and claim my miracle from you today! I will first use my newfound health
    to help my boyfriend gain faith, so that he may also know and accept your loving, merciful miracle! From there, we
    will get married and continue on, preaching your name to unbelievers, and people who
    do not realize that they do deserve healing! For you showed me that Jesus has already taken our illnesses
    upon his own body in order to save us, and that all we must do to receive our healing is to live by and accept your word
    As the only truth, claim the miracle to be our own, give thanks to you every day onward, and NEVER LOOSE FAITH!

  2. Mazeze says:

    Wow!! that’s my God. Thank you brother for the testimony. If only we could stop limiting God, deal with fear and doubt and put our trust completely on him. we would ask for anything under the face of the sun and receive it in Jesus name.


  3. Thuleh says:

    I tested + in 2011 when I was pregnant. My son came out negative but now I see enlarged gland on the neck & arm sores I am becoming scared pray for me my son.

  4. ENYONAM says:

    God bless you all for been bold. I think hiv is like malaria and we hv to command it out from the body with faith and it will go by the name of God. Pray to God and you shall be heald. I believe there is nothing on this earth that God can not do just put your trust in him and you will be healed.

  5. keneuwe says:

    i am a born agn christian , i have been reading your testimonies and i believe that God is the most powerful doctor.i also think that i am HIV positive, i am even afraid to go and get tested.please pray for me that god protect me as i will be going to do the tests very soon.i cant live with that disease because i think it will affect me emotionally and i will end up failing my studies.i believe in god for my life and that he will heal me in JESUS name, amen

  6. sebabatso says:

    Please pray for me, I was found HIV possitive

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