Healed From HIV!

Did you know about DeWayne Wood’s amazing testimony? If not, check it out:

Just as powerful as this young man’s incredible vocal ability is his amazing testimony. Described on his latest CD, Introducing DeWayne Woods and When Singers Meet , It’s a recollection of God’s incredible healing power. Woods speaks about his dramatic healing from HIV, articulating the aweinspiring account that started in the early 90s. “I was diagnosed in 1993 with HIV. After the diagnosis, I went through a series of treatments, but back then, they really weren’t sure what to do and what medicines worked. Each time I would go to the doctor’s office, the diagnosis seemed to get worse,” states DeWayne. After a serious health scare, he ended up in the hospital for two weeks. It was what happened in his hospital bed that set him on the path to a miracle. “During those days, I was in so much pain, that I would just sing,” explains Woods. “I couldn’t do anything else. Then, I said one day, ‘God, if I’m going to sing about You and sing about You being a healer, then I need You to heal my body – not just for me, but so the world will see that you’re still a healer.” It was at that point that he had literally “Let Go” and left the matter in the hands of God. A few years later he decided to get rechecked. When he went to the hospital, they tested his blood and DeWayne says, “They told me that I tested negative for HIV.” The staff was baffled; they were the same people who had originally treated him. He even had to stand before a national medical review board and complete a battery of tests; all to make sure the disease was totally absent from his body. They couldn’t find a trace of it.

“God Still Heals”!!

For more info on DeWayne Woods, visit his official website at: http://www.dewaynewoods.com/



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  1. Bam says:

    Awesome testimony and totally encouraging. DeWayne, I didn’t get a chance to personally thank you when you ministered in music at our church “Jesus Is King of Deliverance Ministries ” in Aberdeen, NC, on December 2, 2007. I have a 15 year old son with Autism and have said from day one of diagnosis he will be “healed”. So, thanks for confirmation. Whose report will I believe, the Lord’s. Continue to be tremendously blessed and know you’re in our prayers.

  2. Brian Rudolph says:

    Hi Dwayne. God bless you brother. You are a living testimony! The reason I write is because I am a Christian who has been living with HIV now for 7 years. The virus has mutated recently, resulting in my having to take more powerful drugs, which are very taxing on my body. I am so tired of living with this dreadful disease and having to take these toxic medications every day. I went online, seeking to find whether other Christians who were living with HIV had been healed. Your testimony has spurred hope in my spirit that I to can be healed. I realize and confess that my past sinful homosexual lifestyle is what has brought this upon me. However, as God is my witness, I have repented from this abomination and simply now wish to be healed and go on with my life in Christ. Please pray that God will have mercy on me and grant me healing. Thank you dear brother. Brian.

  3. Pamela Kaseke-mushore says:

    Thank you DeWayne or should i say, Thank you being diligent to the Holy Spirit & coming out to give Glory & Honour to God’s name. Thank you God for performing & showing us your love & mercy everyday, especially through your son DeWayne. HIV is still a huge issue in the Christian world especially here in UK. I thank you for sharing that light that supports the word ‘By his stripes we’re healed’ & Colo 1 vs 15-16 He’s above all things.

    God continue to prosper you.

  4. Eva says:

    Glory be to God. I am also thanking God for my deliverance and my family’s deliverance from HIV.

  5. Vicky says:

    Hallelujah!! Jesus is the same then, today and forever more and miracles are still real today!!! ANyone who has faith and declares the word of God over their body will be healed. Sometimes it also takes patience…why? because patience tests our faith!!!! Your testimony is an amazing one, reawakening Christians to God’s miracle working power!!

  6. Sara says:

    It is a blessing to see signs following them that believe as it was promised in God’s Word. These kinds of healings should be common place in todays world but unfortunately we are not the Kingdom of God is suffering violance but we are not being violant and taking it back by force.

    I was diagnosed with hiv in 1986 at the age of 21 I am now 43 and still believing God He is faithful. I use lower case letters when writting things like hiv or devil because they don’t deserve to be refered to with upper case letters even. I look forward to the confirmation of my healing and will be sure to visit the same doctor to let him know the results. I will be a living testimony of the Power of God I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. Ps. 118:17

  7. CHIPO MUTONGI says:

    God heals. Recently l had a terrible running stomarch l just prayed to God and recieved my healing. l had an alcer in my mouth and l just commaned it out and today l woke up without that alcer. Jesus is the same today, yesterday and tummorrow. By His stripes we are already healed. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. For this purpose l have raised you up so that my power would be seen in you. Exodus 9 v16

  8. Angella James says:

    I heard your testimony as I surfed the internet and what a blessing it is to know one can turn over their entire thoughts to the Lord so that He can heal in such a marvelous way. My brother, you should ensure that you continue to be strong in your quest to please god so that your testimony will continue to bless lives.

    I am writing all the way from the Caribbean but I love to be a part of anything that concerns my God. Do keep the faith and continue to sing for the LORD.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy because you stood out and declare the power of God, I know God can heal all deseases and it pains me when people seems to have forgotten. Each time they tell us about taking medication and how big is the desease. I need to tell the worls how BIG is my LORD. he is Bigger than hiv, I know i will receive my healing oneday if not this day. I will live not die. I will declare the power of GOD. thank ou for your tsetimony. No pasteor can heal anyone if that person does not have Faith. What GOD wants from us is Faith and He will move mountains.

  10. lebohang tsotetsi atikilt says:

    Hi I was told by the doctors that I have HIV I then decided that in 6months time from now the results will change. Change has already begun. I am confessing daily that by his strip[es I was healed and that This does not belong to me. The doctors must be prepared because I am already negative this is just one of those times to make God shine. I know that My marriage is restored and that Ill have a healthy baby who’ll have a healthy mother that can be able to breastfeed him when he is born He is Favoured and I am also favoured By the Spirit of God

  11. lebofavoured tsotetsi atikilt says:

    Glory Be to God Today and Forevermore. WOW Yesterday was amazing. I am a member OF Christembassy Church in Randburg and I was at the Healing School. The Healing School is a place that is sponsored by partners where the sick get taught the word of God and how to raise their Faith Highly and receive from God. They learn to use the name of Jesus in their daily lives in order to be healed and maintain their divine health.This happens for two weeks and on the final day the man of God Pastor Chris comes to impart the spirit of God in them by laying his hands and that is wheen the power of God touches them so mightily that they fall under the anointing and some describe this experience as electricity flowing through their body. Yesterday was the last session fopr the winter and I was there. It is not only the healing school students that are there but also partners and first timers. So you find yourself being in the Healing atmosphere and other miracles. Well guess what I gave the HIV conditition 6months(I will not say mine because it does not belong to me) and yesterday the Spirit of God told me that I am healed, I kept on hearing His voice over and over and over and over again. It was so beautiful that I agreed with Him AND Thanked Him. So now I have decided to Saturate myself with the WORD of God because it was what reconfirmed my Healing. Glory Be to God The doctors that tested me must watch out because I will be seeing them again sooner than I thought. AND my baby is Healthy and Growing AND I WILL BREASTFEED HIM. We’ve decided to name him Abelfavoured….

  12. I have symptoms that directly relate to being an HIV positive, and for couple of days it caused me so much pain, physically and emotionally. I still got lots of things that I want to do in life and this symptoms has brought anxiety and I’m in deeper depression.

    Upon listening to your song brother, I was blessed. Indeed we have to actually “Let Go and Let the Power of GOD take over”.

    I am a Christian and I claimed GOD’s Healing powers on me.

    The symptoms are still evident but through my belief and prayers I know I will be healed.

    “In your hands oh GOD I commend my spirit”. I seek for more prayers brothers and sisters, not just for me but for all who have been experiencing pains in their own lives.

    GOD is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. GOD HEALS!

  13. M.Mavugara says:

    The book of Isiah 53 says by his stripes we are healed. that was before Jesus came to earth. He was seeing into the future, he also says the children of Zion shall and will come to point where thay will never say Iam sick. The book of Collisions says we where healed, (past tense), because Our LORD had come and bore all our sins and diseases, poverty, anger,sorrow e.t.c all thast was lost by the Fitrst Adam was regained by OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST the last Adam. By his Stripes Iam healed of every disease known and uknown to man, that is the victory WE have in Christ Jesus. Paul goes further and says we are now partakers of his devine nature!!! Devine health is our portion, devine prosperity is our portion, in JESUS’s Name!!

  14. maria says:

    I am so bless by your testimony I need God to do the same to me and my son

  15. Leylah says:

    i’m HIV positive ineed your prayers so that i can behealed.

  16. angel says:

    i am so encouraged by your testimony. today i found out my sister has hiv, somehow i have always trusted in God even though my family has suffered through very very terrible tragedies. I have faith that this will heal , i am actually so faithful right now that this disease is going to disappear for sure by the power of God. i am feeling blessed to have seen your testimony and keep up the great work.

    May i ask you to please pray for my sister also.

    Thank you and God bless you

  17. Ed Simmons says:

    To everyone who has left a comment I have read and been truely blessed! Thank you all for singing praises to God’s goodness!

  18. MrsYoung says:

    I was recently told i have hiv and im also too trusting in the Lord and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I will be healed Dewayne Woods is my inspiration.God has his way of showing me that he is a healer and Im also going too do a Holistic approach.

  19. PAT GRAHAM says:

    I tested HIV postive in 2005 and here I am today .I am not on any medication and my cd count is normal and viral load undetectable I thank God for that and I am believing God for a miracle of healing and I thank God for what he did for brother Dewayne Woods .If there’someone out there that has some complicated sickness and disease just know that jesus chris is above every situation ,his name is greater than any situation ,God is faithful and at the appointed time he will heal and deliever thee ,just continue pressing on ,believing and having faith in him .He is able.Praise be unto our God .Amen

  20. joyce says:

    I am a born again would like to thank GOD for his miracles to his people istrongly believe i would also be healed from this satanic
    disease i also need your prayers for me to be healed as im having a breast pain that is troubling me all the way but i know GOD will make a way thank you

  21. Tekia Williams says:

    Praise God I recently was told by my close friend that she has hiv. I believe God for her healing IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

  22. Kimberley Wynard says:

    The Lord Jesus Christ is awsome! It’s true that he is the same yersterday today and tommorrow. If he healed all those sick in the bible then he shall heal me too! All that’s needed is faith that can move mountains!!! Thank u Jesus!!!

  23. G says:

    I was tested postive 5 years ago and i have never tsted again. i ma perparing to have a baby soon and i am so positive deep down in my mheart that am healed. i just dont have proof yet but i will create time and get it . If GOd can heal others, He cam heal me too. I am no different to them. people who do not receive their healing is because they have doubts period. God ca do it and He wwill do it if we believe . Thank you for yoru testimonies. I am hoping to share mine soon. Remain blesssed!

  24. stephanie obiano says:

    I am a strong believer in d power of the name of jesus. I hv a brother who was diagnosed wit hiv. But I know am convinced that by d time he is running d test again he will be healed. No trace of hiv or its symptoms. It was also a turning point it got me closer to God and has made decide to abandon my life to jesus. In jesus name. Amen. May God answer all our prayers in jesus name. Amen.

  25. MC says:

    I was diagnosed with hiv at the age of 16, the year of 2007. Come this upcoming year it will be four years. What I like so much about this annivesiary is that within these four years my faith became stronger, I believed in what I wan’t, I prayed not only for myself but for others with this sickness, I lived my life as much as I could, I never gave up, I smiled even when I wanted to frown. One day I am going to be healed and I am going to be a gospel artist ( Nearly 13 songs I already written, and now I am ready to minister them to you). I wan’t to leave this with you all, everyone that is living with this illness need to get on one accord and pray and fast for a healing and watch god work, not only for one of us but for all of us.( When prasies goes up, yet blessings come down) we are in this together. However, know that hiv stands for a” healing in the making of Victory” God Bless you all, and every night before you sleep, look up to God and say that I am already healed, and believe it.. Once again God Bless you, and know that the one that is preparing your healing loves you…

  26. Zoe says:

    Wow he is alive Greater is he that’s in me then he that is in the world, THE greater one Lives in me you know I don’t understand sometimes I feel so confuse and then I just start focusing on the Word in the Name of the Jesus as I don’t think there is anything I can do without the power of God. I attend the healing school in Feb 2010 at Chris Embassy and WOW what an experience God is indeed alive and he is working through the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome indeed I am blessed. I (was) tested positive in 5 Sep 2009 last year and its almost a year later I am abit scared to go back to doctor as I live from God REPORT and not the doctors report as I believe God for my twins and marriage with my loving Boyfriend in the name of Jesus. On the NOW faith Hebrews 11 verse 1, 5 Sep 2010 it is almost another year later and I never really experience any pains I only had a rash that’s all but I must say after Pastor Chris lay his hands on me at the healing I did indeed receive my healing praise e the Lord….. I wanted to cry , scream at the same time but I was so excited I did both . I sometimes feel that I am not totally healed but then I make sure I listen to Pastor Chris materials and I keep listening to the word to keep my faith Strong I am a born again Christian and I am the only one who know that I was positive beside the doctor , my heart hurts as I am not even sure how I got into this situation as I never has a boyfriend but I will staggered not as I know who I am in Christ Jesus , really I am a member at Chris Embassy Randburg and its so powerful I am alive today and I will live for many more year to came . I am not sure if its normal to feel the way I do as a Christian because sometime I doubt my healing especially when I have the up and downs with my boyfriend that I met after I got tested but he is negative THANK GOD and I pray every day to God that he will stay negative as has supported me with everything and I am great full to God for his love he is truly send from Heaven to me …I just want to encouraged the person who will be reading my testimony and if you going to the same problem don’t fear is not easy but as long as you know and believe that the greater ONE lives in us All pain , cries and sorrow of this world does not matter………Thank Guys please pray for me and my partner soon to be husband and father of my kids love Zoelife…..

  27. doreen says:

    ooooohhhhh thank JESUS the son of God!!! i surely know that by his stripes we are all healed!!! Brothers and sisters lets just believe!! i know we will be well in Jesus mighty name, i pray that your all healed coz i was told i have the killer disease too but am not shaken because thats the devils report , theres a better report coming!!!

  28. ZAZU says:

    i heared this encouraging result from the singer that he was hiv + AND THEN turned to be – by the power of GOD i am taking medications for the + test which are very toxic and have many side effects. i beleive GOD CAN HEAL and live happy life

  29. randy says:

    I am 39 I have Sore gland in my neck,chest,and Groing I been to dr 3 times having blood test and found nothing every test I have symptom of hiv and I pray every day every time have a chance I sometime wonder if I am doing it wrong it has been over a month since the symptom started and I will keep praying and hoping for the best I have a wife and 4 kid that I love and I need to be around to provide for them and rase my children

  30. Edy says:

    Thank you DeWayne for ur testimony,it has given me faith,and hope. Im 6mnths pregnant and i tested h.i.v positive. I believe God will heal me and the nxt tym i test i will be negative. I want my baby to have a healthy mother and also breastfeed. I will have a healthy baby and im healed in jesus name.

  31. Cam says:

    It has been a turning point in my life after recently finding out that a member of my family has been diagnosed. We are believing for a quick healing & amp; recovering of all that the devil has tried to steal! Dewayne Woods your testimony gives each of us hope and strength to believe we will also receive healings since “God is no respector of persons” he can and will do it for us if we believe. I truly believe that my brother can and will also be a testimony to other young people who are going through this. We decree and declare a negative report by the end of this week!

    I pray God’s renewed strength, courage and faith for each person affected by this condition. Continue to feed your word spirit with words of faith, songs of healing and declarations of praise & victory. Even in all this God is still God, and we must “let go and let God.”

    With “Faith” all things are possible!!

  32. frank lewis says:

    I know the Lord will make away out of no way you just have to trust and believe in him and I thank you lord for this testimony.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Wow God is great I love him he is my reedeemer I’m 23 and I live he’s the healer of all diseases he created the heaven.

  34. Byyron M. says:

    I know that GOD is able and he won’t fail. Recently June 4, 2011 tested HIV+ and I asked that everyone be in prayer for me not only me, but for one another that GOD may heal each and everyone of us.


  35. nomsa says:

    Just a week ago I tested HIV positive. I knew that it was my partner that had infected me. I decided to fast for 3 days doing the Danel fast with the help of my partner. I then decided to go to church as I had not done so in a very long time. When I was at church the pastor informed the congregation that the word that he wanted to preach was not what he had planned on preaching I knew that that word was directed to me. I tell you there is power in the holly spirit and is so happened that he prophesied that about ma situation I know in Jesus name that I am healed and I pray that God also heals my partner. To everyone that is going thru the same situation just know that your healing is on your way Glory be to God he is the alpha the omega the beginning an the end.

    These testimonies have really given me op i know and i declare and prophesied that i am going to be pregnant (as I don’t have kids yet ) and I am going to give birth to a handsome baby boy and I am going to breastfeed him and leave to see his grand children.

    Glory be unto the most high (AMEN)

    Glory be to God Emanuel



  37. manty says:

    glory be to the Lord Almighty! my boyfriend tested + in aug 2011, when we were about to get married. i believe when we go for another test next year he is gona be negative. sometyms my faiths decreases coz my boyfriend is not a true christian. my hope is raised when i thnk that mayb thats his miracle to begin a new life in christ. God is faithful, he wil never fail his children!!

  38. missjones757 says:

    Heavenly father I thank you! Thank you for this testimony, and thank you for healing this young man and so many others. God is a healer, and can do anything but FAIL. I believe in his word and I speak peace and deliverence to each and everyone who reads this. I’m lost for words…all I can say is trust in his word.

  39. sergio says:

    God heals believe , he healed me through prayers . I had sexual immorality with many women unprotected as I had gone in my own ways . I started getting every hiv symptom from a 2 weeks flu in the hospitol to candidas mouth bleeding gums red blood spots over body petechia and night sweats, fatigue , diarrhea for a long time I new I had gotten it for 2 years I was very sad it was killing me inside I put everything down and I asked God for forgivness and I prayed and asked others for prayers I cried on my knees to the lord , test were negative , he heals he heals I will pray for u all

  40. fezzzzz says:


  41. Grace says:

    Am sure am poz, just afraid to test. I blv dat it is for God’s glory. Though i have been all tears but am encouraged i pray and i know God will heal me so that i can preach his eternal salvation. Glory be to God who loved us before we loved him. And to Christ who died to set us free from sickness sin and hell now and forever more Amen

  42. JUST.TRUST.GOD! says:

    Been there,HAD HIV FOR 3 years and ow undetected and FREE IN THE LOVF OF JESUS!

    YES, I was heavily medicated with all. THE MEDS that my team of Doctors prescribed for me; yes major changes were happening! PRAISE GOD!

  43. Mike says:

    I just want to thank the Lord for all the testimonies I have read them all, i want to thank you Jesus Christ for your healing and the faith that people have, I want to make a prayer, Dear Jesus Christ, Son of God Jehovah, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, as you told Moses, may you please be with all the people affected by this disease, who have repented and left sin, and chosen to live Christlike lives, may You Father hear their plight, may You forgive them, may You heal them, may You make it a sign in these last days so that faith may be maintained and many may receive salvation, death is not your tool, may the devil be shamed, in the the faith and strength of the Holy Spirit, we pray Amen.

  44. PASTOR WITNESS says:


  45. john says:

    I am a 48 year old male in Mumbai-India. I tested hiv+ on Oct 31st and that was a shock for me. I have not disclosed this news to any of my family members as I know that this is not for me. God wants me to be drawn to him closer. I have started reading the Bible – starting with JOHN, I have read the bible before, but this time after this awareness I correlate everything I read in the bible with my life. I strongly believe that GOD WILL HEAL ME. I request you all to pray for me….please!!!!!!……god bless you all and also pray for you and all others especially the ones living with this dirty disease.

  46. Incognito says:

    Since almost 2 weeks, I have been seeing symptoms similar to hiv.
    I have been asking God why this is happening to me? Yesterday I saw my Doctor and he told me that my leucocytes were low… I don’t know if it means I have hiv,
    but i believe that God is actually doing something in my life and my girlfriend life.
    I declare by the end of January i’m going to get tested and that will be Negative.
    I have faith, and I know God will heal me and my girlfriend.

    Dear Brother and Sister, GOD can use anything to draw you toward HIM.

    “Never abandon to TRUST HIM”

  47. Eve says:

    I believe that the God I believe in is a healer and I believe he will never fail. The same God that healed DeWayne Woods and everybody else who has put a true comment will surely heal me from this disaster so called HIV. I am not your portion in Name of Jesus the devil will forever be a lair. I will live, my partner will live and my child to. I will not die of HIV. I have tested twice results say HIV positive but the next time I go back they will come out Negative in The Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Through the blood of Jesus Christ that washes out all the infirmities and sicknesses.

    Please believe God for a miracle and trust in Him. He can never put us to shame.
    Stay blessed.

  48. Sharon Maicon says:

    It always gives me joy to read testimonies of how miraculous our God is. I know by his stripes we are all heal, though sometimes it might take longer than we expect, but let’s just have faith and also believe Jesus has bore all our sickness and affliction.

  49. Christine says:

    I am HIV positive and I don’t have any one to support me. If it remains like that, I really need God to heal me. I have faith in him and I believe he will heal. I need everyone’s prayers. I am 24 yrs old. I am hypertensive, diabetic and now this. I need your prayers.

  50. winnie sherpa says:

    I am infected with this virus and came to know in 2007. I want to get it cured by the mercy of my lord.. please pray for me… god bless to all.

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