J. Moss Says Child Support Case Is Hurting His Reputation

PONTIAC — As his wife watched, a popular gospel music artist sang the blues in court Thursday, saying a child support case over an out-of-wedlock son has hurt his reputation and ability to earn money.

In a generally civil but occasionally tense hearing, James Moss — better known as singer, songwriter and producer J. Moss — fought efforts by Lakisha Hughes, 28, of Douglasville, Ga., to increase child support by $230 a week from $1,028 a month to care for her child, Christion, while she’s at school or work. Moss defaulted in October in a paternity case and has been making the payments.

But the Bloomfield Township man said he’s been hurt by Web comments and a Detroit News report about the case.


“This has caused a credibility problem,” said Moss, during the two-hour hearing that his wife of 12 years, Melody, attended. They have two children together.

“This has negatively impacted my salary.”

Hughes, a college student, countered that she only wants Moss to face his responsibilities.

“I don’t get any joy out of coming here and wouldn’t do anything to affect your income,” Hughes said during the hearing before Oakland County Friend of the Court Referee Lorie Savin.

“All I want is for Mr. Moss to be a father … he didn’t acknowledge his son on Christmas or any other day, yet he calls himself a minister and a gospel artist. We all make mistakes … but I think he should be a father.”

There were tense exchanges, such as when Savin was informed of MySpace computer entries in which Moss had been referred to as a “deadbeat,” and Hughes countered that someone used a vulgar term when referring to her.

Moss discounted estimates by Hughes in court filings that he earned $50,000 a month. More accurate figures were not discussed Thursday, and when Hughes asked whether Moss demands $10,000 an appearance, he said: “It depends on the situation. From free on up … a storefront church can’t afford the same as a mega-church.”

The boy, who will be 2 in March, was in a nearby hallway with Hughes’ mother during the hearing.

Moss’s attorney alleged Hughes hid personal loans given to her by her family from the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office when they estimated support to be paid by Moss.

Hughes said she is a full-time student in Georgia and has gone back to work as a sales representative and Web site builder — on a contractual basis only — with Faith Video On Demand, which sets up Internet services for groups and businesses. Savin said she would consider all requests, including a motion by Moss’ attorney to dismiss and issue a decision within three weeks.

DNA tests confirmed paternity last year, and when Moss failed to respond to court filings in October, Oakland Circuit Judge Cheryl Matthews signed a judgment ordering monthly support until the boy turns 18.

Court documents reveal Hughes has a teenage daughter and is divorced. Hughes and Moss never lived together, and in court filings Hughes alleged Moss offered to pay abortion expenses but never provided any of the medical care.

Moss, son of gospel star Bill Moss Sr., records and produces recordings under PAJAM Music. He has recorded several albums and has been a co-writer or produced for others, including Karen Clark-Sheard, Hezekiah Walker, N’SYNC, Michelle Williams, Trin-i-tee 5:7, Dru Hill and Boyz II Men. He has been nominated for a Grammy several times.

Mike Martindale / The Detroit News
You can reach Mike Martindale at (248) 647-7226 or mmartindale@detnews.com.



94 Responses to “J. Moss Says Child Support Case Is Hurting His Reputation”
  1. lorena nicole jackson says:

    i feel very strongly that a man should take care of his responsibilities as a father and i know thats what he intends to keep doing lakisha keep your head up!!!!!!!!!! In love with jim moss 4 life ! good guy he’s jimmy moss, and with a good christan backround, so lakisha be encouraged. Love christ!

  2. L. C. says:

    Let’s face it America ,J. Moss is a entertainer ,all he is concerned about is money. Action speaks louder than words. If J. Moss would of been doing what is right ,he would never been in this position. It is apparent he is not a thinker. Yes, we all make mistake. However, if we are not taught to make good decisions this is what happens. J. Moss needs to grow up. And as far looking up to him, people look again he is a entertainer, he is basically saying what you want to hear.

  3. Karis says:

    Every man’s got to face his challenges.you’ve got the spirit of God to do the right thing,so do what is right

  4. Yes, he’s a man wrapped in an imprefect flesh, however once you know better you do better. We all fallen short and have to take up our cross everyday. Regarding the child, the child is innocent however if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with his son, forcing him to won’t make the situation any better. Children know when they are loved and will also know when they are dispised.
    To expose that child to people who don’t want him around is more psychologically damaging than to have him around a man who doesn’t regard him and the wife who will also have issue with his presence. Yes Ms. Hughes knew he was married and she accepted responsibility for her actions, she had the child. If it was left up to Moss that child would not be here. He offered to kill it.
    Just because you acknowledge God as your Lord and savior it doesn’t exempt you from your responsibilities. As someone stated above, God as never forsaken us so how could he think it’s ok to disregard his own flesh and blood as if the child was trash. It’s sad, it really is. I love his music, but not his character. And his behavior toward his child clearly reveals it. Moss can take care of himself and so can the mother, but that child did not ask to come here and cannot do for himself. The child’s life style should reflect that of his fathers. I could understand him being resistent if the mother sat at home, but she’s obviously trying to better herself by going to school.
    I will pray for J, because it’s obvious that he needs it.

  5. cynthia clark says:

    the article abt j.moss listen if ths is ur child do the right thing she is right god is watchin ur every move i have seen this article before taken care ur business righteous prevail over everything how can u sing abt the love of jesus if you are doing wrong things that make u a hopicrate right

  6. L Moss says:

    I am praying to for you always Uncle J .. people be in prayer over our family … Do not judge lest ye be judged .. we all have made mistakes and falling short ..we are to forgive , embrace and help lift up anyone who has fallen

  7. jamo says:

    I had this whole thing to say about all this, but I could not say anything,,I am a broken man I am saved by grace,,, the Holy Spirit holds me where I am,, sometimes I feel like am on a cliff hanging and only thing that he has are the tips of my fingers,, and me dangling on that cliff my death(spiritual) awaiting beneath!! But I have this quiet peace cause I know within this turmoil. God is Enuf!!
    let us pray for each other

    (Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.) james 5:16

  8. Melissa says:

    God HATES sin, but God LOVES j.moss. If he Humble himself, was SORRY for his action, REPENTED to God, his wife, and the woman that HE cause to sin with him. Take care of the child, be a better example to him, through the Word of God, and stay FAITHFUL to his wife and family. He will be alright.

  9. Gods warrior says:

    Wow some people i am so thankful i serve God and not man. NOt everyone thinks before they act. Boy people act like they have never done anything big or small sin is sin in Gods eyes. Im praying for him we need to start praying like the bible teaches us to rather than judge. I place myself in a sticky situation a couple years ago and lost the trust of many people. I was at the end of my road and was going to kill myself than i remeber i serve God not man. I need to trust in God not man.I really needed my family and friends. So mr. james keep the faith and trust God stay dear to your wife. and i totally believe that the woman who slept with him is just at fault. It takes two.

  10. christie says:

    Brother be bless and know that i will be praying for you in the name of Jesus.

    Be blessed

  11. Joshua says:

    Of everything that has beem said and done,one thing is certain.’God’s mercy endureth forever’.For J’ considering terminating the child is absolutely horrible, but we shouldn’t cast the stones on him rather we should pray for him to make the right decisions that will guarantee everyone’s (him,his family,God,the child and his mother’s) happiness.

  12. krisantus says:

    By way of definition sin is satan introduced nature, to rob the saints of God of their color in christ. The devil likes to make a mockery of our faith in God. My man j if before God and your spirit you know he’s your son as well as your wife, please learn to love again and make no room for the devil to laugh at us. I love u my man j.

  13. tosyn says:

    A righteous falls but he picks himself a point ain’t that a righteous man won’t make mistakes but he’ll rise again…everybody is a work in progress we seek to be like christ as we walk daily with him….judge not so you won’t be judged….keep moving, keep moving no stopping keep on moving til u get direction…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Non is above mistake. Who are we to judge? My mentor is only human.. For Christ sake he is not PERFECT!! Despite the fact that he fell into sin doesn’t mean that he isn’t right with God anymore.. Yeah he has done it already, who told u that he is yet not still leaving up to his responsibilities… My mentor shouldn’t be blamed, they did or make and sin together.. Lets stop neglecting the fact that she is also an ally with Mr. Moss… There’s nothing special between you me and Mr. Moss, we are all God’s children. We have in one way or another fallen short of his glory some points in our life… Its not over yet we can always run back to the throne of grace!!! Mr. J. moss.. He is JUST JAMES….. I love you even more…

  15. K.Thompson says:

    My God is not the author of confusion!!!!!!!!!!! J. Moss judge you no but, really get serious 1,031 is no money in the given day in time especially fr a college student and even more so for a single mother. You did the crime and now you want to make your worldly dirty little secret be tucked away are you serious!!!!!!!!!! Dear man of God did you you not read the Word your sign will expose you. You owe your wife and your baby mama a real apology. Don’t punish your name sake for your lack of good judgement lack of honor lack of love lack of integrity stand up and be a man God even in your mess is blessing you! Yes you made a bad choice by sinning against your own body that with lust and adultery. If you didn’t know and now have nerve enough to say this is affecting your means to make money I laugh. I’m a mother of two and baby if I had to pick up cans sell blood work at Mc Donalds to take care of them kids I would so if you need to get another kind of job do it! Don’t let your children down like you let your wife and baby mama down hold your head up get it together I will continue to buy your records for sure I like the message but be careful to live what you preach!

  16. Rachel says:

    I would like to say this, as a single mom I can understand the bid for support but let’s make it that. But I do know she had a relationship with a married man and that is bad enough but to attempt to drag this man down is shameful to women and single moms. While my child’s father was not married when we made our child, he is married now and the last thing I want to do is come between that union ordained by God. Honey you cannot force a man to be a father the same way you cannot force you to get a job but leaking personal info such as this to the press is shameful. There is a scripture in the Bible touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. Allow God to be the judge and to work this thing out this is not the way this should be handled.

  17. godfrey I. says:

    Uncle J.Moss,

    You are a great man of honor and with honor, every mistake must be mended. I’ve never seen you face to face but you’ve sown in me a great seed of zeal towards God’s service. This is your trying moment and God is faithful to help you pull through to the end. Nigerians are always praying for you, your family and ministry.

  18. Anonymous says:

    It’s easy to judge when its not you. It’s easy to love when the gifts are going forth but once the person gets overtaken in a fault we want to stone instead of restoring. As long as Mr. Moss has repented to God its God who remembers the sin no more meaning he throws it in the sea of forgetfulness it’s us who go and pick it back up. Although it happened the way it did that child had a birthday to get here just like we had a birthday to get here. God will bless Mr. Moss for taking care of his responsibility to the child. Mr. Moss dont stop ministering we all have sinned and come short to the Glory of God . The ones that are judging their sin just havent been exsposed yet. If they keep judging they will.

  19. C.K says:

    Hey Man, you know you’ve got a lot of people out there who want to be like you….so, I’ll advise you keep it clean. I’m not going to judge you but ummm……the J.Moss that I bear the nickname after, knows what is right….so do what IS right. God bless u.

  20. jmos please accept your responsibility,i love u like my father thoe av not met you before.many people out there are looking up to you please dont dissappoint us,i still love you no matter what,please love your child the same way God loves you.and please dont give up god will restore all you have lost.love you father

  21. Too Blessd To Stress says:

    JMoss get a grip on yourself! What you did in the dark has come to the light. Your sins found you out! So now be the man you sing about and handle your business! Only God can judge you and He forgives and makes you able to get wealth to take care your SEED!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR SON THAT LAID AND PLAYED AND MADE.You and your wife need to embrace this situation and move forward and be parents to your son and a friend to his mother!

  22. ejay says:

    Jmoss has flesh and blood like everyone he aint perfect he made a mistake hes scared of destroying his immediate family.i’m sure he loves his son but i guess he feels more disapointed that this was not part of the plan he thought of,give jmoss some time .i’m sure he knows what to do.dont kill a fellow wounded soldier,pick em up……..

  23. DaniC says:

    First I’d like to thank God for J’s ability to reach some of us through his sound mind, and talents. We All have to fall to develop a testimony …. Please read James 4

  24. Hannah Rogers says:

    I’m sorry to hear when a brother or sister have fallen, but the world system is working against the “marriage”. Miss Thang knew Bro. J. Moss was married…..She knew that when she was enticing him…..if the courts would began tossing these out-of-wedlock cases…….you would see how many babies be born without benefit of marriage…..That why marriage is becoming harder because we failed to honor it…..It is the union ordained by God…….Anything other than marriage is sin………Man and Woman……..society want to play tricks with our mind and claim the same union between same-sex people…but the devil is a liar……If you find yourself in any other state…….to keep your salvation…….become a eunuch for the sake of Christ.

  25. Bren says:

    People, we must learn to forgive and not be SOOO judgmental . Use he should have known better and she should have too especially knowing that he is married. Bottom line is even though he repents he still has to be held accountable for his CHILD. How much more does she need to do that?! Child and medical support she be enough! No one needs 3 or 4 thousand a month above their salary to care for 1 child! I would like to see a court order medical and child support and modify it as the child gets older (yearly)! I’m just saying! Mom, Daddy, and stepMom I am praying that God gives you peace and love and you share in the nurturing of this beautiful gift, Christon, to you y’all! Be Blessed

  26. mariettagirl says:

    It is true all of us have sinned,but God forgives, however, I really wish MEN would better control their flesh,if u are married u should not be in bed with anyone else. if u are not married u still not suppose to have sex.It would have been so easy to abort the child but that wasn’t the moms choice. Moss got caught.. your sin will find you out,suck it up,repent, do right by the child and go on and serve God and please don’t cheat on your wife and family again that is Very painful and most women never recover from. It really takes God! Do the right thing you cant represent Christ if you deny your son.

  27. believerofindividualwalkwGod says:

    The bible tells us to work out our own soul salvation… it also tells us to judge not… true christians have a tendency to be harder and more judgemental on themselves. Let us lift him up and encourage him as we don’t know what he’s battling internally. Let God do the rest. Believe with the faith God gave us. Each of us have a walk to walk to get where we need to be.
    Pray for all involved.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I love J moss songs realy realy. U see many are the afflictions of the righteous but God delivers him from them all. I now understand better the first verse of the Just James track. Please people lets pray for him he needs it bcos its not easy to be under the spot lights. Devil will strike you when you strike his kingdom. Its not a childs battle. J moss beloved, the Lord will healed you wound in Jesus name bcos I can feel ur pain. Just move on dnt stop now. The devil is only trying to slow you down. The Lord is ur strenght. But dnt neglect ur responsibility bcos that child might just be your David’s Solomon.

  29. Samisaiah says:

    I love J moss songs realy realy. U see many are the afflictions of the righteous but God delivers him from them all. I now understand better the first verse of the Just James track. Please people lets pray for him he needs it bcos its not easy to be under the spot lights. Devil will strike you when you strike his kingdom. Its not a childs battle. J moss beloved, the Lord will healed you wound in Jesus name bcos I can feel ur pain. Just move on dnt stop now. The devil is only trying to slow you down. The Lord is ur strenght. But dnt neglect ur responsibility bcos that child might just be your David’s Solomon.

  30. Charisse says:

    The child support is not hurting your reputation the action that was done hurt your reputation you had a choice to do or not to do. Whats wrong with leaders and ministers who ” suppose” to represent Christ are the main one’s who’s misrepresenting him this is one of the reasons why its so hard to compel the people. WHATS DONE IN THE DARK WILL COME TO LIGHT stop misrepresenting him (JESUS)…..IF YOU FOR HIM STAND FOR EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO STAND ALONE..

  31. Mrs. Hawkins says:

    the bible says all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God, so I can tell you is to repent turn from your wicked ways seek his face DON’T WORRY ABOUT YOUR SURROUNDINGS LOOK TO GOD AND TRUST HIM…

  32. JJ Bwala says:

    Hey! Bro i’m praying for you, seek God’s face & his forgiveness. Please do the right thing & be the best you can.

  33. SheShe says:

    Well, My goodness it is what it is and if it is true do the right thing. Unfortunately this type of thing happens everyday all day and as humanbeings firt mistakes are going to be made. However what has to happen is that a lesson must be learned in this and the child does not deserve to be left standing alone if he is apart of your seed do the right and honarable thing repent to God, and your wife, as far as the other woman do what you knowis right. Get your name cleared and move forward as the song says He loves us in our Good and Bad but we have to remember to make it right fo all parties involved. Children suffer behind adults madness. Forgive, Love, Move Forward and do the right thing J.

  34. SheShe says:

    Coul you update the site, while you are at it!

  35. wanda jewett says:


  36. flob says:

    Mr. Moss has made his mistake an facing it. The young lady is a gold digger. She’s not satificed she want more. The Judge should through has case out the window. The Judge need to lower her among that she’s getting.

    She’s getting $ 1028.00 a month, that facing the problem. Someone is tell her what to do, an if that’s so she need to keep other out of her personal business. I knew of case that was like this one, the Judge lower the amount of child support because the father was giving the mother too much, Lakisha Hughes, need to leave well enough along, Before she end up with nothing. And Stop listening to people. I Realize she’s in school probably with good finicial aid, with extra money left over. She’s wasting her money on thing’s that not necessary. If she’s using the money she’s getting from Mr. Moss on the child $ 1,028.00 is more than enough for the child. I know children are expensed, I raised children myself. If you getting his or her basic needs what she getting is more than enough with the one child. If she has other children, she can’t use that money on them because it’s ear marked for one child. Maybe she has other children and their father is not paying child support. So she’s using the one that’s paying child support money on them. If this the case she need to go after those children father not Mr. Mood.

    LaLakisha Hughes, don’t play that game because the Judge will look into your case more deeply.

  37. Maxine says:

    The problem I have is that we are so quick to call issues like these mistake, but I don’t see a mistake. I see two grown adults consenting in a sexual relationship knowing good and well if they don’t protect themselves it can ultimately produce either a child or a sexual transmitted disease. Within that in mind – J Moss should take care of the child and do everything he can to make sure that he raises his son with love and care mostly understanding that he is loved regardless if he is not with the mother.


  38. Morgan Dudley says:

    It appears in J’s comment to the court regarding “this impacts my salary” seems like money and his reputation means more to him then being a responsible father. Don’t let money and your reputation be your God. He didn’t get where he is on his own. With all the money he makes, how does $230 extra hurt him. A measly $1300 a month is nothing when you consider the fact that child care alone eats 85% of that up. They both are to blame for their actions, but at least Ms. Hughes takes responsibility. It doesn’t appear as though she just wants to be one of those mothers living off of her children’s child support, and even if she was, that’s her business as long as she’s taking care of her children. J is suppose to be the head of his household, he’s the one who should have not let this happen (reminds of Adam blaming Eve). Granted, we are not perfect and will make mistakes, but just as God takes care of us, J needs to pipe down and take care of his son or one day, he’ll wish he had. All I’m saying is don’t sugar coat the situation, it is what it is and God sees it. I just pray that God won’t let J rest peacefully, until he follows God and do what’s right.

  39. dee says:

    Wow… I’m overwhelmed but not surprised. I’ve listened to J Moss since the beginning. My brother in Christ, you sing about your struggles and if anybody really listened to your music there’s a cry for help. I particularly like “pray for me”. Yes we get caught up in the beat and your beautiful voice but people if God listen to the pain and pray for him. Pray for them all. Yes they are entertainers but they’re still souls. God bless you my brother, seek God and do what HE tells you. Forgive yourself and forgive the girl, because God already has. Remember no sin will go unpunished so let God discipline you and let’s move on. Praying for you bra.

  40. Orodokun Victor says:

    Your mess up is a set up for you to get up brother, don’t allow the devil to take advantage of you accept your responsibility as a man who is responsible and this is just the beginning of your winning in life, remember your song that is called ″restored″ I love u and i’m looking up to you.

  41. christ child says:

    It has been established that the child is j moss. J moss start a relationship with the child. It will be rough but the Lord heals all wounds. As for child support let the Lord handle it.

  42. Christopher Murray says:

    Did everyone forget about the rev. jesse jackson and his infidelity. He made the mistake of cheating on his wife also. Dont be so fast to judge j moss. We are human and make bad judgements in our lives. Im a single divorced dad raising three sons on my own without any.help from my ex wife. God makes everything possible and without him nothing is possible. Be a real woman also and take care of your responsibilities.

  43. Bev says:

    I must say, I’m getting so drained and frustrated with Christians in the public eye and otherwise, not handling their life. We all know the Word and have access to the Holy Spirit in tempting situations. Bottom line, we are driven away by our own lusts, THAT’S THE WORD. If you’re going to sneak, why would you not wear protection? This woman knew exactly who she was getting with. She also made the decision not to protect herself, so she too has to woman up and stop running to court every time she wants to make some change in her life. I don’t judge but I do tell it like I see it.

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