Pastor Donnie McClurkin Exclusive Interview This Week On “Lift Every Voice”

This Sunday Morning on LIFT EVERY VOICE, BET, 10am EST.

Has there ever been a tragedy in your life that was difficult to understand? Tune in this Sunday morning on BET’s Lift Every Voice. Pastor Donnie McClurkin will be sharing his testimony regarding the recent death of his sister, Olivia McClurkin, and how he continues to press through.

Lift Every Voice will be also joined by Lou Gossett Jr. speaking boldly regarding racism and finding the path that leads to God.

Don’t miss it! You won’t be dissapointed.

Hosted by nationally syndicated radio host “CoCo Brother”, the man who is known for campaigning JESUS!

Cory “CoCo Brother” Condrey Lift Every Voice Sundays 10am EST/9am CST on BET



One Response to “Pastor Donnie McClurkin Exclusive Interview This Week On “Lift Every Voice””
  1. dhristine spicer says:

    Why? As Christian people cant we be Holy! I am pleased for sister Joanne , but was not sister Joanne involved with Pastor Donnie Mcclurkin. I dont get it. Maybe I have this thing wrong I did not know that we were allowed to date like the world until we find ourseves in the right hookup . I thought christian people were suppose to be different from the worldly ways of doing things. It seems to me that being engaged to this one then that one is no different than what we see on the cover of rag magizines. I am waiting on the man God said would come. I hope God will
    let me recognize him before I pick up a couple of boyfriens on the way. Remember let you good not be evil spoken of. people ole God wait on the Lord

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