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Hello to everyone.  I Pray that you are Standing Steadfast On The Promises Of God.  No Matter What Comes Your Way, Remember There Is No Failure=Nothing Is Impossible.  I am reminded of one of the songs from the Movie “Cinderella”..Impossible, for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a Golden Carriage, Impossible? Things are happening everyday”. The song was sang with such assurance.  Kind of like our Faith..Believing, Trusting, Knowing, Expecting, and then Receiving…Whenever you need a little convincing, try thinking that song, while Meditating on Luke 1:37, Mark 10:27, and Romans 4:21.  Then you Will be Sure Of What You Hope For, and Certain Of What You Do Not See.  Be Not discouraged, for He Is Able.

We are having a wonderful time here at KOUS LIVE.COM  So much so that if you miss one day, you’re missing a Miracle, a Testimony, and Blessings beyond comprehension. We are still receiving calls of Praise Reports, and Testimonies from listeners that would blow your minds.  He Is A Wonder..And He is Definitely Moving. Impossible? Things are happening everyday.

This Week On

Tuesday-3-24-09:  2009 Grammy and Stella Award Nominee, Cynthia Jones will back for another visit.  We always have a blast.  Did you know that she rides a Motorcycle?  What a wonderful way to be able to Minister to those they may have been overlooked.

Thursday-3-26-09:  The Amazing Apostle Donald Alford.  I have been wanting to be able to visit with him for a while.  His Hit CD “The Gathering Of The Saints” is still one of the most moving compositions that I have heard.  Totally unexpected.  The exquisite sounds of his vocals have been a constant for me, as well as our listeners. It takes you to that place where you really do what to stop right then and Bless His Holy Name.  It is all about Him.

Friday-2-27-09:  The amazing vocals of Tonya Baker.  Now she was a big surprise.  Got to watch her on Gospel Of Music, and she was great. As I listened, I thought, oh, we’ll have lots to speak about.  She has a long history for someone so young. And a powerful testimony as well.

I want to take this opportunity to Thank all of you for your Prayers and support, calls and emails.  I am happy to know that you understand how important it is for all of us, as many as possible, join in together.  We have the same focus, the same goal, The Same God.  People, Power, Prayer, Numbers.  It remains that mighty combination that can’t be beat. And continue to support and Pray for Total Praise. Net.  They work very hard to give you the very best in the Name of Our Lord And Savior.

Take Care, and if you think this week is Power Packed, just wait til next week.  I look forward to hearing from you.  You can call me, I’ll answer.  It would be nice to get your Prayer Request and your questions for our Guest.  I Thank God for each and everyone.

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